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Tyson Properties restructures after record growth

Tyson Properties - CEO Nick Pearson

Company positive about growth in the local property market despite recent challenges 

Although 2022 will be a challenging year for the residential property market in SA as it slowly recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic and weathers economic uncertainties, there are still multiple opportunities for growth, says newly appointed chairman of Tyson Property Holdings, Chris Tyson.

Consequently, Tyson Properties is expecting a strong 2022 despite the potential vagaries of the market. This comes after the company registered its best growth year yet in 2021, with turnover increasing by 25% from the previous year. 


Tyson Property Holdings was created to support and grow the company’s regional operations in Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Nick Pearson, currently the GM, has been appointed as the new CEO overseeing national operations. Chris Tyson, who founded the company in Durban in 2005 with just six agents, saw the company grow to the point where it became one of the leading real estate brands in the province by 2010. Offices in Johannesburg and the Western Cape opened almost simultaneously in 2015 and aggressive growth across all three markets has positioned the company to benefit from accruing strong market share within a short timeframe. Today, the company has 420 agents and envisages growing this number substantially within the next year.

Tyson says his role will now be more strategic as he guides the leadership of the company to respond to a volatile market while actioning the growth strategy put in place during Covid-19 lockdowns. He will also play a more hands-on role in the growth of the Gauteng offices. “We came out of hard lockdown well. We experienced some setbacks in 2020, but 2021 has been our best year yet. To drive the company to where it needs to go in the near future, we needed more employees. If we did not expand, we would have stagnated as a company. We now find ourselves at an exciting stage as we put in place all that is needed to ensure Tyson Properties is perfectly positioned to handle future growth,” says Tyson.

Pearson, who has been mentored by Tyson, shares the same work ethic and values and they will continue to work together to position Tyson Properties as the next iconic real estate branding SA.  “As a brand, we are investing heavily into the South African market. We are here to make some changes, even ruffle a few feathers – but, ultimately, we want to grow into our potential. To do that, we have to believe in our country, grow with it and be flexible enough to meet the market’s needs,” he says.

For more information, visit www.tysonprop.co.za

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