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Hillcrest expansion – Emberton Estate breaks ground on final phase

Emberton Estate Aviva Emberton Collins Residential

The construction of Aviva Emberton’s final phase now marks a pivotal moment in Emberton Estate’s commitment to catalyzing growth in the area.

Emberton Estate in KwaZulu-Natal recently commenced construction on its final phase of apartments, Aviva Emberton, marking a pivotal moment in its future and reaffirming its commitment to increasing  growth in the area.


Since 2011, Hillcrest has experienced a 33% population increase, with median sectional title prices seeing a capital appreciation of 48% since 2013, equivalent to 5% per annum over a 10-year period. This growth has underscored the necessity for developments to accommodate the expanding population while meeting the evolving needs of modern consumers.

Collins Residential’s launch of Aviva Emberton in July, 2023, was a game-changer, achieving a remarkable R100 million in sales within just 30 days of its official market launch. This achievement made Aviva Emberton the fastest-selling development in Hillcrest, outpacing the area’s average sales rate by an impressive 81% in its debut month.

Geoff Perkins of Collins Residential, remarks, “As the developers of Emberton Estate, we are proud to be delivering the final phase of the Estate, which has truly been a beacon of growth in the area and reinvigorated the property market since its initial launch in August 2015. The estate was developed as a response and an answer to what the Hillcrest market desperately needed. Multiple phases later, we have continued to listen to market demands and released an exceptional offering at a very competitive price.”

Investment potential

Despite fluctuations in the property market, Emberton’s progress demonstrates resilience and desirability in the area. While residential sales experienced a slight decrease in the rate of sales, there has been a surge in demand for rental properties, showcasing the area’s appeal and investment potential.

According to a recent sales report from Property24, the number of registered sales in Hillcrest year-to-date is 33, with an average sales price of R1 600 000. Leon Smith, Director at Smiths Props, noted, “The appetite for rental properties in the area has skyrocketed, with sought-after locations flying off the market in record time. Families continue to be drawn to the Upper Highway area for its excellent education options, vibrant communities, and diverse leisure activities. With its introduction, Emberton’s housing capacity is set to expand from 439 to 652 homes, catering to the evolving needs of its residents.”

Emberton Estate Aviva Emberton Collins Residential

The Collins Group

The history of Emberton is intertwined with the fabric of Hillcrest, with its origins dating back to William Gillitt’s purchase of land in 1870. Today, in the hands of the Collins Group, Emberton Estate continues to evolve while honouring its heritage. One such example of this pledge to keep history alive is through the developer retaining the original farmhouse, which has now been converted into a clubhouse. Currently home to the beloved Ray’s Kitchen, it has been revitalized by Collins Residential, preserving its original features while adapting it for contemporary use. Registered as a heritage site through AMAFA, the clubhouse stands as a reminder of Hillcrest’s agricultural past, maintaining the legacy of the original Emberton farm.

Aviva Emberton marks a significant paradigm shift in the Upper Highway area. Geoff Perkins of Collins Residential comments, “Aviva Emberton’s breaking ground represents not just a construction milestone but a commitment to providing residents with an unparalleled living experience, convenience, and community cohesion.”

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