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Aerial Photography: Homes with aerial shots sell faster

aerial photography

Picture: Portable pole photography provides an easy and affordable way to obtain a bird’s eye view of a listed property.

Even though it’s location, location, location, real estate marketing has changed. It’s become a very digitally visual business. The listing presentation with the best visuals will evoke the most interest.

Prior to the advancement in aerial photography technology, property developers and high-end property brokers would hire a helicopter and photographer and spend hundreds, if not thousands of Rands getting that perfect elevated shot.

“This is no longer necessary. With portable pole photography technology that can take photographs at up to 10 meters high, it’s easy to get the photos that you need at a fraction of the price,” says Christian Fourie, CEO of Capture HD Media.

“Aerials are indeed affordable and will provide the much-needed subtle difference between an ok exterior and a wow shot. So, don’t exclude aerial photography from your next real estate listing due to a misconception about a high price tag,” he adds.

Four solid reasons that support why aerial will help you sell a property quicker

  1. Selling a lifestyle, not just a house

The overall look and feel of a property and the area you are promoting can easily be shared with potential clients by using aerial photography. If the property has a pool, aerial will offer a much better perspective than an eye-level backyard shot.

  1. Spotlight the area

Aerial can highlight all the appealing features of the surrounding areas. If your property listing is situated in a gated area that offers pools, tennis courts, golf courses, aerial can give a birds-eye view of all the extras on offer. Listing agents no longer have to risk buyers scrolling right past a home that is perfect for them just because they didn’t see the pool of their dreams in the first aerial shot.

  1. Set yourself apart

Aerial videography differentiates you. It shows you’re trying to do something different from the pack. Even when an agent makes the effort to ad aerial shots to a listing in an average family neighbourhood, sellers appreciate and take notice and you will drive more referrals.

  1. A must for expansive properties

If a property is expansive and has stables, lots of land, second dwellings or additional buildings on the land, aerial footage is a no brainer. The entire property and all its exterior selling features can be captured in a single shot. In almost 90% of all large properties, aerial footage will dramatically improve your chances of a quicker sale.

Aerial Photography is a tool to generate business

  • With Capture HD Media’s completely portable telescopic poles, video footage can be taken at up to 10 meters high for a complete overview of surroundings.
  • Their aerial photographs are crisp and clear since their camera used to produce your walkthrough video also produces high-quality HD photos.
  • Pole aerial photography is quick to set up and is included in Capture HD Media’s standard property shoots at no additional cost.
  • Unlike drone photography, there’s no need for any special permissions for this type of aerial photography. This means there is no risk involved for agent or seller, contrary to dealings with illegal and unlicensed drone operators.
  • Additionally, it enables Capture HD Media to avoid obstructions that might be right in front of the camera. Not all properties have a perfect view from the street. Various things such as landscaping and fencing can be in the way and block the view of the home, making it difficult for buyers to see the front of the property.
  • It is much less expensive than drone footage. With their affordable price tag, aerial photography can now be part of all real estate agent video listings at all price points. Capture HD Media’s aerial photography brought what was once reserved for high price tag properties to listings at all price points.
  • Last, but not least, homes with aerial images sell 68% faster than homes with standard images according to multiple listing service (MLS) statistics.
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