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Pam Golding Auctions: Property auctions reimagined

If lockdowns have taught us anything, it is that technological and digital innovations have proven invaluable in ensuring continued efficiency of business, including meeting unprecedented customer demand for mobility, ease and convenience, as well as speed and efficiency, when buying residential property.

This has catalysed the real estate industry to significantly evolve as far as technological enablement is concerned, in the process giving rise to a continually emerging worldwide trend towards online residential property auctions in instances where this is suited to the particular needs of a seller and where an urgent sale is required.

Making property auctions more accessible to home buyers

It therefore gives me great pleasure to advise you that our specialist auction division, Pam Golding Auctions, has evolved so as to elevate the relevance and appeal of the online property auction to a much broader market. This new service now offers all our buyers access to a portfolio of select properties, mandated by our sellers to stimulate buyer demand with prices significantly below prior listing price, with a view to providing unique value opportunities in the market. Along with the ease of being able to make online offers – prior to or on the auction itself – this includes the assurance of a highly personalised and dedicated buying service offered by our specialist auction team throughout the process.

Traditionally, properties on auction have mostly been perceived to be in a state of ‘distress’ and not ideally suited to the joys of house-hunting for your dream home. These auction events are also often considered to be highly pressured and somewhat mysterious, primarily serving the needs of bargain hunters and investment opportunists. With this in mind, Pam Golding Auctions has honoured the opportunity to demystify property auctions and to make them easier and more accessible to home buyers across the board, whilst also ensuring a property portfolio of superlative quality.

Our innovative sales platform is enabled by Next-Generation technology in the form of Offr, a unique offer processing engine, allowing us to provide our buyers with a fully-mobile, seamless, hassle-free, end-to-end online property transaction.

We trust that this new strategy will provide our buyers with a completely unique and innovative opportunity to buy a home through us with increased convenience and at an exceptional price. All the advantages of an auction but without any of the hurdles.

Our Pam Golding Auctions online bidding platform recently went live on the 10th June

and I accordingly invite you to view our inaugural auction portfolio of specifically-curated properties from across South Africa at your leisure, each of these priced to offer you exceptional value, with the first auction commencing on 7th July.

Paarl, Western Cape
Guide Price: R35,000,000
View property

Linden, Johannesburg West
Guide Price: R2,500,000
View property

Fish Eagle Estate, Bela Bela
Guide Price: R330,000
View property

View our full portfolio

We will be adding additional properties to the portfolio on a weekly basis (every Thursday) – should you want to be kept up to date on these new listings, as well as any other changes or pricing updates, please subscribe.

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Why buy through Pam Golding Auctions

  1. All properties are priced to sell and therefore represent excellent value.
  2. Our Offr technology makes transacting easy and convenient – ‘find, tap, sold’.
  3. 4-week pre-auction period to view the property.
  4. Auction runs for 6 days thereafter, giving you ample time to place your bids.
  5. All pre-auction offers will be considered and can be made online.
  6. See all other offers on the property in live time.
  7. Easily register for the auction and place bids anonymously online.
  8. All bidders are real and fully verified.
  9. All relevant property and legal documentation is immediately available online.
  1. The process is fair, fully transparent and secure.
  2. Get real-time alerts of competitive bids/offers on your property direct to your inbox.
  3. Specialist auction team on call at all times to assist.

For further information, please visit our website here.

Should you require further information on selling your property on auction, please feel free to contact Tania Smit, Head of Pam Golding Auctions, on 082 378 7990 or

Enjoy our first auction, starting the 7th July.

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Live Remarkable.

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