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Results prove the value of adaptability

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When consumer behaviour changes, real estate companies are presented with a variety of new business opportunities – but can only succeed if they are flexible enough to respond with bold and innovative technologies changes of their own.

So says Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group, which is widely recognised for its technological leadership in SA’s real estate sector.

Reporting this week on the group’s remarkable results for the past financial year, he says these were largely made possible by its focus on attracting and empowering top talent while simultaneously continuing to develop and implement innovative technologies and business solutions that serve both clients and agents, and maximize the benefits for clients of being part of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a real global network that encompasses the top independent brokerages in more than 70 countries.

The group’s results for the past year included:

**A 15 percent increase in agent numbers

**An 11 percent increase in the average sale price achieved

**A 77 percent increase in the number of registered sales

**A 97 percent increase in registered commission

“The past two years have clearly shown that technological and social disruption are likely to keep transforming not just the way that we all live, work and play, but also how the market will consume real estate services,” Everitt notes.

“However in the face of this, it is clearly proving difficult for some established real estate companies to adapt, while others have apparently misread the growing consumer preference for individualised, personalised services that are assisted and streamlined by technology – but definitely cannot be replaced by it. The result is that we actually have less effective competition than might be expected at this point.”

By contrast, he says, Chas Everitt International has concentrated on trying to anticipate the evolving consumer demand for knowledgeable, unbiased, empathetic and utterly trustworthy advisors, especially in the increasingly complex and global real estate environment, and on enabling and empowering its people to bravely step into this role for their clients.

“To this end, we not only continue to develop and test new real estate innovative technologies, but also to expand the extensive learning, training and personal development opportunities we offer, and introduce new business models that enable our agents to establish and maintain strong relationships with clients that are not limited or restricted by geographical boundaries.

“We also know from more than 40 years of experience that cherishing such relationships is the real key to longevity in this industry, so we are committed to ensuring that our fresh ideas and innovative technologies will continue to be anchored by the enduring family values that permeate our corporate culture of caring service.”

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