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Architecture firm’s community heart bears fruit in Langa



Thanks to BPAS Architects, the township of Langa welcomes its first privately funded Montessori school educating and feeding its children and empowering the women of the community.

BPAS Architects’ Idayimani Montessori Academy project in the township of Langa, Cape Town, is nearing completion. Committed to the uplifting of the communities they work in, this multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm offered their expertise to create an inspiring and safe learning environment for the children of Langa,where there is a need for nurturing educational spaces. The Idayimani Montessori Academy is the first privately funded Montessori school of its kind in the area and addresses a long-standing gap in quality early childhood education in Langa.

A great education with extra benefits

BPAS designed a beautiful building on the south-east quadrant of a large vacant plot with five classrooms arranged around a central courtyard, catering to different age groups of learners. Partitions between two of these spaces offer multi-functionality for larger gatherings and events, ensuring the academy serves as a hub of community engagement.

The services, including caretaker facilities, administration offices and a kitchen, are strategically located on the street side, forming a buffer between areas accessed by the public and the school for both noise reduction and safety purposes. BPAS expertly navigated the project’s complexities, considering heritage and traffic aspects as part of the application process due to the size of the plot.

The Idayimani Montessori Academy aims to provide the Langa community with access to premium quality early childhood education in a modern, sustainable and safe learning environment. In addition to schooling, the academy ensures the well-being of its students by providing them with nutritious meals daily. For working parents, the academy also offers an after-care service, creating a supportive environment for both children and families.

Bigger picture learning

Beyond its immediate impact, the academy also demonstrates a forward-thinking approach by empowering and supporting local women as entrepreneurial Montessori directresses, who can operate their own schools, generate income and provide vital support to their families. This initiative not only enhances the educational landscape but also uplifts the community economically, catalysing a cycle of progress and self-sufficiency.

The impact of the Idayimani Montessori Academy on the community has been nothing short of transformative. Kissmea Adams from Idayimani, expressed her appreciation, saying, “We are immensely grateful to BPAS Architects for their exceptional work on the Idayimani Montessori project. Their passion for creating a safe and empowering learning environment is evident in every aspect of the design. This academy will enrich the lives of children within the Langa community and ensure all tools and skills are available for a successful educational facility.”

BPAS Architects joined the Idayimani Montessori project in early 2019 during the initial planning stages. Despite pandemic-related delays, the project continued with determination and dedication, and construction began in September 2022 after receiving council approval, leading to the timely completion of the academy.

The multi-million rand project is a significant investment that reaffirms BPAS’s commitment to uplifting local areas for the greater good of the community and nurturing the potential of young minds.

Commenting on the success of the project, Landseer Collen, principal director and founder of BPAS Architects said: “We continue to spearhead projects that make a difference. Our involvement in the Idayimani Montessori project stands as a testament to our ethos of giving back to society and putting the community at the heart of our endeavours.”


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