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A candle that helps sell your house faster


A limited-edition range of candles have been created based on the scents which were most likely to speed up the sale of a property, including freshly baked bread, washing linen and coffee

  • A ‘Smells That Don’t Sell’ candle has also been created based on the top three scents which would put people off buying a home including mould, vomit and cannabis

Smells That Don’t Sell

There are many things to take in when viewing your next home, from the look and feel of a property, to the surrounding road noise or smell of the house. But could certain scents help sell your house quicker?

Estate agent comparison site GetAgent has conducted new research that reveals certain scents encourage people to put an offer in on a house more than others. The study also reveals the smells which would put viewers off from returning to a property.

To help speed up the process of selling a home, GetAgent has created a limited-edition set of two candles; the first contains the top three scents that are more likely to sell your house, the second being layered with the top three scents which would put people off a property. GetAgent is offering ten lucky winners the opportunity to win a set of the limited edition candles, named ‘Smells That Sell’.


The enticing scent of freshly baked bread wafting through a house emerged as the most popular scent, more than one in three people (37%) stated the smell would make them more inclined to buy a property. Freshly washed linen (36%), freshly brewed coffee (27%), a new carpet smell (25%) and freshly cut grass (25%)  followed to make up the top five scents.

Other baked goods including hot apple pie (14%) and freshly baked birthday cake (11%) ranked in the top ten, suggesting you should head to the kitchen for a spot of pre-house-viewing baking, if you get the time.


More than 2 in 3 (68%) prospective buyers said the smell of mould would put them off buying a property, while just under two thirds (64%) said that vomit would discourage them from making an offer. The scents of cannabis (55%), farts (53%) and baby nappies (50%) followed to make up the top five scents which would make people less inclined to purchase a property.

Between 40% and 45% of homeowners reported that smells of burnt rubber, smoke or of dusty rooms would also put them off, further highlighting the need for regular and perhaps even increased cleaning during the period when you’re being visited by prospective buyers.

GetAgent  co-founder and CEO Colby Short, comments: “When preparing your house for a viewing, there are lots of things to think about. From doing a quick cleaning blitz, rearranging furniture, or even opening the windows on a sunny day, the small things really can make a difference to the impression of prospective buyers viewing the property.

Our research has shown how impactful the smell of a home can be to potential buyers, with some smells clearly emerging as favourites amongst homeowners. If you have time before a viewing, baking a loaf of bread, buying fresh flowers or brewing nice coffee really could make all the difference when it comes to getting signatures on the dotted line. If you’re lucky enough to win one of our limited edition candles, why not light it before a viewing and allow you and your visitors to enjoy the triple hit of popular scents!

Conversely, it appears that some scents really can put people off buying a home, even if they love the rest of the property. To avoid your home clinging onto lingering bad smells, ensure you are regularly cleaning and opening windows around the house to encourage air flow.”


The ‘Smells That Sell’ candles will be available to a limited number of winners, with the competition closing on 11:59pm Sunday 4th September. 

To find out more and to apply for your chance to win the limited edition set of candles,


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