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View six designer homes at Century HomeShow 2024

Century HomeShow_Helderfontein Residential Estate

Helderfontein Residential Estate in Fourways hosts the Century HomeShow 2024 – go and view six designer homes and explore property options.

Century HomeShow 2024 gives visitors access to products and services seen in their actual intended environment at Helderfontein Residential Estate.


The Century HomeShow 2024 promises a delightful day in the countryside without having to leave the city. The show, which takes place at Helderfontein Residential Estate in Fourways (opposite Dainfern Shopping Centre), will offer activities for the whole family and serve as a hub of inspiration for those looking to upgrade their current homes, explore property options, or simply stay abreast of the latest trends.

The event takes place from 9am to 5pm on Saturday, 25 and Sunday, 26 May, 2024.

Unlike conventional property shows, this format allows the visitor to experience a wide range of products and services in their actual intended environments, as opposed to a stall in an expo-like environment.

Admission to Century HomeShow  2024 is free, offering attendees an opportunity to discover the allure of Helderfontein Residential Estate firsthand, whilst casting their vote for the “Home of the Century” and winning a share in fantastic prizes – this includes getting R200k off your stand price at the show. To find out more about making your dream home a reality, see the Century Property Developments website.

Luxury living

A connection to nature in the city is not easy to make, and finding a residential estate just 15kms from the centre of Sandton CBD seems like an impossible find. Yet Helderfontein Residential Estate offers a unique living experience that harmonises luxurious living with a carefully considered connection to nature.

Nestled within a lush greenbelt, this estate is a sanctuary where residents can immerse themselves in the beauty of indigenous flora and fauna while enjoying modern, eco-friendly amenities.

Helderfontein Estate Clubhouse

Access to nature

The estate is home to an extensive greenbelt featuring an abundance of indigenous plants and diverse wildlife. The estate’s meticulous environmental due diligence and impact assessments ensure that its natural beauty is preserved and enhanced. The developers have gone out of their way to build around nature and preserve the natural flora and fauna.

Residents can explore and engage with the environment the estate’s stunning walking and mountain biking trails, designed to promote interaction with the natural surroundings while preserving the wetlands. The estate also boasts three exquisite bird viewing platforms, beautifully integrated into rocky outcrops and sunk seamlessly into the landscape. These platforms offer residents a chance to observe the prolific birdlife, including the rare Grass Owl and various waterbirds such as Yellow-billed ducks, in their natural habitats.

A haven for wildlife

The Jukskei River meanders through Helderfontein Residential Estate, creating a vibrant ecosystem that supports a variety of bird species, small mammals, and reptiles. The estate’s water ecology is enriched by several dams, beach areas, and rock pools, offering serene spots for catch-and-release fishing and nature appreciation.

Commitment to sustainability

Helderfontein Residential Estate is committed to sustainable living. It utilises solar lighting, advanced water management through natural dams, and innovative building practices that respect the delicate wetlands. The estate’s greening initiatives include planting trees from the Million Trees Incubation project, contributing to the estate’s lush landscape. This project initiated by Century Property Developments involved training the Diepsloot community in horticulture, fostering both ecological and social benefits.

Eco-friendly amenities

Residents can enjoy eco-friendly facilities such as the clubhouse and restaurant, which incorporate grey water systems and Bokashi composting. These initiatives reflect an on-going dedication to reducing environmental footprint while enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Helderfontein Residential Estate Fourways

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