The luxury of time at Steyn City’s new City Centre

Steyn City's new City Centre

The many spaciously designed homes and amenities set in an expansive, secure parkland make Steyn City’s new City Centre a place to spend time on the things that matter most


The many spaciously designed homes and amenities set in an expansive, secure parkland make the new City Centre at Steyn City a place to spend time on the things that matter most

Time is priceless. For many of us, time is the ultimate luxury. After all, it is one of the invaluable things money can’t buy. While Steyn City’s new City Centre might not be able to manufacture those extra hours, the entire development has been designed around the kind of convenience that helps you save many valuable hours.

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Steyn City's new City Centre



Take City Centre’s apartments, for example. The lock-up-and-go lifestyle is an ideal for many, but Steyn City’s new City Centre makes it a reality with more than 700 beautifully appointed apartments, for the ultimate maintenance-free life without compromising on space. Rooms large enough to fit a king size bed (with space left over) and high ceilings give you a sense of spaciousness and freedom, while Steyn City’s famous 2,000 acre parkland provides endless space to connect with nature, to explore and for children to play – while never having to mow the lawn or clear the leaves from the pool.

Knowing that there is nothing to worry about from a security perspective is an enormous stress-saver, too. Steyn City’s security measures are cutting edge, ranging from 24-hour foot patrols and perimeter security to a fully equipped 24/7 security nerve hub. Steyn City’s new City Centre enhances these measures even further with its own triple biometric access system.

Steyn City's new City Centre



The development also saves time by eliminating office commutes and “mom’s taxi” schedules. It has its on-site Steyn City School campus, accommodating pupils from Grades 000 to matric. Children can ride their bikes to school without ever crossing a main road, and Steyn City’s AAA-grade offices at Capital Park are on-site too. Then there are Steyn City’s amenities, all of which may be accessed by residents of the City Centre – so varied, that no matter what your interest, you can pursue your favourite leisure activity without venturing far from the front door. Golf, horse riding, fishing, gym, swimming, running on the 50km floodlit promenade or cycling on the exciting 50km MTB track – it’s all there for you.

Eat out at XIX (Nineteen) Restaurant

Steyn City's new City Centre



When it comes to convenience, Steyn City’s new City Centre has you covered. Don’t feel like cooking? Steyn City has several different eateries, dishing up according to your mood – try the XIX (Nineteen) Restaurant at the clubhouse for fine dining, opt for The Terrace’s more casual menu or try The Deli for pizzas or light meals – they’ll even deliver to your door. You can also grab on-the-go coffees and snacks from Seattle Coffee Company, which recently opened an outlet in the north piazza – and, over time, the treed piazzas, which are a signature of City Centre’s design, will be lined with bustling restaurants and bespoke retail outlets.

Steyn City Ultimate Helistop


Need to get somewhere in a hurry? The Ultimate Helistop is waiting to fly you wherever you need to go, whether that’s your next meeting or weekend getaway. The City Centre’s accent on making life easy extends to keeping children active, too. The parkland offers play nodes and a Dino Park for little ones, a Skate Park for teens – and the showstopper, the recently opened 300m Lagoon. Only a step away from Steyn City’s new City Centre, water slides, volleyball, pedalos, SUP boarding and kayaking are just a few of the water-based activities providing endless hours of fun. Or choose to do nothing more than enjoy a icy gelato or your favourite beverage from the Laguna kiosk. 


Prices range from R2.3m to R35m
To book an exclusive viewing, contact:

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