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12 May 2023 hf

Shades of metaverse

You don’t need rose-tinted virtual reality glasses to appreciate the gorgeous colours inspired by the metaverse – it’s where real and imagined universes collide to birth new trends


You don’t need rose-tinted virtual reality glasses to appreciate the gorgeous colours inspired by the metaverse – it’s where real and imagined universes collide to birth new trends

The way colour trends are forecasted these days are out of this world – literally. Not that we ever really knew how they were conceived of before – we simply took seriously those creative professionals who seemed able to magically tap into the universal zeitgeist and so inform us mortals of the next best seasonal colour – to paint our walls or cover our couches with, or dress ourselves in.
Remember the likes of world-famous trend forecaster Li Edelkoort? For years she treated SA’s décor, design and fashion aficionados in large theatre halls to slides and talks on trends – an interpretation of world events; past, present and future, and human responses to these events.
Somehow all that seem a little yesterday, as if there’s an old-fashioned fussiness about it all, compared with the gleamy, ethereal world that new tech is building in various incarnations now; the metaverse – a sterile virtual reality space where life can be experienced in ways that are not possible on earth.


However, in all its perceived clinicalness, the rise of the metaverse has also given rise to exciting new colours that morph phygitally between the physical and digital realms. These hues relate to life as it is right now – a time where digital applications increasingly blend with real life situations.
And the new names for these colours perfectly match this digital and real life mix. There’s Dopamine Brights, Cyber Lime and Digital Lavender – names that in their own right tint the world a little brighter.
Decorex Africa recently presented an industry talk on the colour trends that visitors can expect at upcoming shows in Cape Town and Joburg.
“Through our own ongoing research and that of our RX Global network, we’re able to map these shifts and translate them into macrotrends that are easy to understand and apply, so that interior designers, architects and homeowners can remain up to date,” says executive creative director of RX Africa Bielle Bellingham. RX Global is the world’s largest event organiser and Decorex Africa, now in its 30th year, presents premier annual décor, design and lifestyle exhibitions.


Gen Z consumers favour soft, dusty shades of lavender and lilac – and Bellingham is not the only forecaster to hone in on the purple-pink mix of Digital Lavender. Leading local paint brand Plascon has included it in recent seasonal paint palettes and WGSN, an international trend insights group, has spotted the shade everywhere, from Jil Sander’s fashion collections and Mercedes- Benz concept vehicles to digital artist Andrés Reisinger’s voluptuous and enigmatic virtual furniture.


Pantone, meanwhile, named Viva Magenta as its frontrunner for 2023 – a jubilant purply red that felt in line with the digital-first zeitgeist.
Also vigorous is Cyber Lime, identified as a key colour for 2024. A punchy, almost neon dopamine bright, it’s seen as gender-inclusive and signifies the powerful connection between nature and technology. The popularity of Cyber Lime makes sense in light of
Bellingham’s observation that “crisp, clean colours are in demand thanks to our ongoing online lifestyles”. While Cyber Lime tends towards the acidic, nourishing greens are also right on trend.
“Connecting nature and technology, green highlights the importance of developments in nature-powered bio and plant-based materials, dyes, pigments and energy sources,” says Bellingham.


Meanwhile, as the world deals with feelings of anxiety and stress, “we look to colour to help soothe the mind and bring a sense of rest and reflection”, says Bellingham. Powdered green tea is a particular source of inspiration, as it’s both calming and stimulating, spawning the instantly popular Cool Matcha colour trend. This quiet, pacifying pale with a therapeutic quality is the perfect combination of vegetal green and mindful pastel.
Mid-tone blues taken from nature speak of a slowed-down lifestyle and increased sensory awareness. This aligns to seeking the right balance of work, internet and possessions, representing a need for stability and moderation. The colours can be quite surreal and experiential in a metaverse environment.
Despite the proliferation of the phygital, consumers continue to remain sensitive and cautious about the future favouring shades that offer stability and reassurance. In contrast to the extreme brights, warming neutrals are timeless and grounding shades, while colours that connect to nature a Plascon Pear Fantasy nd wellbeing remain key.

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