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SA’s first flex-space franchisee acquires Victoria Country Club Regus

The Victoria Country Club (VCCE), the “jewel” of the Midlands, is now home to the first Regus Franchise in South Africa. A local property professional and multi franchise owner, Cassim Khan, has partnered with Regus to provide a flexible workplace solution in a much-needed location.

The growing demand for hybrid work solutions, places the centre in prime position to not only provide flexible options for those living on the Estate, but also for businesses of all sizes, in and around the area, looking for a hub and spoke option, giving their employees access to a network of local offices and boasting one of South Africa’s most picturesque golfing venues in the country. “The Regus Centre in Victoria Country Club is the perfect example of our strategy to take flexible co-working into the suburban locations and the cities and towns outside of the main metro areas where the demand for flexible workspace is growing” says Alan VD Westhuizen, Head of Partnership Growth, IWG Plc.

“The need for unprecedented flexibility in the workplace means different things to different people – but maximising productivity, health, wellness, and sustainability, sees teams looking to push workspace layouts beyond conventional collaborative models to focus on multi-faceted and multi-functional arrangements and is taking the flexible working trend to the next level”, he adds. Pricey unused offices are a thing of the past and we are seeing a shift to a hybrid and more flexible network of local offices, whilst businesses are opting for flex space where you can scale up or down as needed.

The hybrid office model brings flexibility and freedom to employees, who may not have been able to work remotely before. And it enables companies to reduce their office space overheads – from rental to coffee. Companies can moderate their office space requirements because only some of their employees will be in an office at any given point. The rest will be working from home, or on the road (as sales and support teams often are). A hybrid model accommodates all employees—letting those who enjoy the office keep coming in, while those who thrive while working from home, stay at home and those who enjoy both choose freely.

“The Regus Centre at the Victoria Country Club is an opportunity for your businesses to fashion the hybrid virtual model that best fits your company, and let it yield a new shared culture for all your employees that provides stability, social cohesion, identity, and belonging, whether your employees are working remotely on premises, or in some combination of both”, says Khan.

Adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Park Nature Reserve and within easy reach to the city centre, the Country Club provides world-class conference, function and dining facilities, up-market accommodation, a champion golf course, squash, tennis and swimming. The superb facilities, service excellence, and the sought-after-world-class golf course, within the Club’s safe and tranquil surroundings, makes it the ideal office location for networking business opportunities, meeting breakaways and affordable offices for employees who are now migrating to the new way of working.

The Victoria Country Club is undoubtedly the best address in Pietermaritzburg for the discerning individual who appreciates the space nature has to offer and the security and freedom of a flexible office space with everything included. Khan’s motto: “Live and help live” is tantamount to the vision of creating spaces that allow for a fulfilling lifestyle. Flexible working allows people to make decisions on how, when and where they want to work and live. The future of work is bright, and he plans to diversify and grow he’s already varied portfolio, creating workspaces that encompass the agility the workforce needs so much at present.

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