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Renishaw Coastal Precinct: ‘Home’ has never looked so good!


“As the first development of its scale on the KwaZulu-Natal mid-South Coast, this development will catalyse an economic awakening of the region,” says Renishaw Coastal Precinct MD Barto van der Merwe

“From Scottburgh to Umkomaas across the pristine coastal landscape, this part of the South Coast has never been more primed with such economic potential. For many years, developers and stakeholders have foreseen its coming of age — now finally, it has the opportunity to ignite.”

With a total size of 13-million square metres, the Renishaw Coastal Precinct, a property development initiative by Renishaw Property Developments, backed by the JSE-listed Crookes Brothers, is surely one of SA’s largest and most exciting new projects.

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The 1,300ha Renishaw Coastal Precinct has received approval for the subdivision of land, as well as environmental authorisation to proceed with the proposed mixed-use development. The precinct has been divided into five interconnected nodes with nodes 1 and 3 having received approval in terms of the Umdoni Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act.


Whether you’re interested in purchasing for residential, investment or business purposes, land prices in Renishaw Coastal Precinct are substantially less than those of the KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast. Increasing interest has led to significant investments already being made in the area by Renishaw Property Developments, such as the gated mature lifestyle village Renishaw Hills, situated within node 1. Construction began in July 2016, with the first occupation in September 2017. Planned to house 512 units over 24ha, 192 homes have been occupied, housing more than 300 residents.

“Over the past four years we have seen house prices in the estate escalate by 50% — this through the Covid-19 period, a remarkable achievement.”

“This bodes well for the remainder of the precinct and puts us in an enviable position to offer prospective partners looking to get an early ‘foot in the door’, prime coastal locations at competitive prices that we expect will continue to increase,” says Renishaw Coastal Precinct MD Barto van der Merwe.


“Location is everything. Surrounded by pristine beaches, golf courses, excellent local amenities and 40 minutes from Durban, with more green space than developed land, we’re offering access to a truly balanced lifestyle at great prices.”

“As part of our vision to create a safe, tranquil environment where all who work or live in the precinct have the space to enjoy a more connected and balanced way of life, we are committed to rehabilitating, protecting and ensuring seamless access to the beautiful natural assets the area has to offer.”


Of the 13-million square metres available, 2.6-milion square metres will be developed; the balance, will be converted into conservation areas, reintroducing the lush indigenous coastal forest and grassland that once dominated the area.

A total of 1,000ha is dedicated to conservation reserves, protecting and preserving the precious natural assets within the precinct including wetlands and estuaries, coastal grasslands, coastal forests, rivers and river valleys. The rehabilitation of the Mandawe Wetland is the first step towards this initiative.

“By rehabilitation we don’t just mean the eradication of alien plants and the replacement of the cane fields with grasslands and indigenous forests,” says van der Merwe, “but also the reintroduction of animal life, such as the critically endangered Pickersgill’s Frog that is endemic to 20 small wetlands along the KwaZulu-Natal coast and, if current conditions persist, more than 50% of its habitat will be considered nonviable in the future.”


A significant contributing factor to the economic impact of the development for the region from construction phase and beyond is that of employment for local communities. Since 1994, Crookes Brothers have made transformation their priority, and this endeavour has shaped the company’s development. 

A memorandum of understanding has been signed with the local KwaCele community that provides for their participation in further development projects and includes, where possible, local emerging businesses being given fair opportunity when appointing subcontractors.


The development philosophy within the precinct is to allow free movement between the various nodes by not fencing in the conservation areas and allowing for easy traversing by motor vehicles along the arterial routes, with dedicated lanes for bicycles and golf carts.

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Renishaw Coastal Precinct


Renishaw Hills is located within this node and it is the first area that received SPLUMA approval. This node is predominantly made up of residential zonings, of varying densities, totalling about 630,000m2,or more than 1,000 residential opportunities (inclusive of Renishaw Hills). 

It is also home to the Heritage Village made up of about 35 houses that were originally built to house the farm employees of Renishaw. The current thinking is to upgrade the houses to a standard and style (Natal veranda) that is consistent with our vision for the area. An additional 60 erven have also been approved for development in this historical village. In addition, the roads and services will be upgraded to allow for the sale of the individual houses or developments.

There are also allowances for retail activities in the old Renishaw Mill area which has charm and potential and is waiting for the right investor to reignite and develop it into a retail hub. It is envisaged it will include artisanal bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, farm stalls, an events venue and other amenities that would become necessary as the node develops. The old Crookes Chapel, also located within the Heritage Village, has been well maintained and is in good condition. The old Mill building, if converted into an events venue, in combination with the Crookes Chapel, has the potential to become a premier wedding destination.

A recent addition to the area, The Renishaw Café, has quickly become a defining feature of the community. By investing and turning a run-down building into what it is today, the investment has done something that is truly inspiring, exactly aligned with our vision, and a great example of what can be done.


Located towards the north of the precinct, this is the node that is not directly connected to the remainder of the precinct. The location and proximity to the sea, as with Node 4, enhances its value as a prime development area. The zonings that have been approved within this node include residential, of varied densities, as well as boutique hotels and some commercial sites.


Node 2A represents the full portion of land known as Farm Lot 5 No 1662 and is located adjacent to the village of Clansthal, between Umkomaas and Scottburgh, just 40km from Durban. With Node 2B already sold to a single developer, don’t miss your opportunity to invest in Node 2A and take advantage of the beautiful coastal landscape Clansthal has to offer. Node 2A is for sale as an entire node to a single developer to develop as they wish. While zoning has already been approved, Node 2A’s future developer is not tied to these approvals and may change them.

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Renishaw Coastal Precinct


The SPLUMA-approved Node 3 will be the business and social hub of the development and will house many “firsts” for the area. Approved zoning covers most of the market sectors, including a private school, service station and private hospital, as well as a shopping centre, light commercial zones and office parks. There are more residential zonings of varied densities available adjacent to the school site.

Technologically smart and forward-thinking, the site will have the latest internet connectivity available, as well as an independent water supply for greater reliability and sustainability. The newly established urban core will additionally give residents in the surrounding vicinity better access to food, fuel and healthcare.


This node is waiting for SPLUMA approval. However, due to its proximity to the sea and fantastic elevated sea views, together with access to more than a kilometre of beachfront, it is widely regarded as “the jewel in the crown” of the development. There are approved zonings for a number of resort villages, as well as a prime residential development site. Within this are 33 proposed villas, all with breathtaking views of the ocean.


This node is the furthest to the south, and contains an array of zonings, including commercial, retail, education and special residential, as well as a number of well-located smallholdings on the edge of a cliff (zoned as urban agriculture).

The sunset views from there towards the west are stunning and these sites are likely to be sold quickly as soon as they become available. The opportunity of maintaining the farming activities on this part of the estate and letting the new owners of the smallholdings share in the proceeds of the farm are now being investigated.

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