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Redefining your shopping journey at the revamped Somerset Mall

Somerset Mall

Introducing the revamped Somerset Mall: redefining your shopping journey for an elevated experience in the heart of the Helderberg, just outside Cape Town.


Somerset Mall’s transformation in the heart of the Helderberg promises a retail experience that encompasses elegance and innovation.

Recognising the importance of constant evolution, Somerset Mall is embarking on an ambitious redevelopment project that promises to redefine your shopping journey and elevate your retail experience in the scenic Western Cape.

Somerset Mall, long cherished for its diverse retail and dining offerings, is taking a giant leap forward to become the ultimate destination for discerning shoppers. Its aesthetic upgrade is the precurs or to unparalleled shopping variety.


Whether you’re seeking the warmth of community or the thrill of discovering new treasures, Somerset Mall is an authentic haven that welcomes everyone who walks through its doors. Step into a realm where the essence of local culture meets global trends. Immerse yourself in a shopping journey that’s not just about products but about stories, experiences, and the joy of discovering the extraordinary in the everyday. Somerset Mall invites you to make it your own as you explore, engage, and create lasting memories. Beyond retail therapy, Somerset Mall’s redevelopment embodies elegance, innovation, and style. Gather your friends and family and embrace this shopping adventure.


With an expansive directory of over 200 stores, Somerset Mall effortlessly bridges the gap between the welcoming familiarity of a local market and the cutting-edge allure of an international retail haven. It’s a place where inclusivity thrives, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Embrace many local and international brands that come together harmoniously under one roof. From speciality retailers to renowned eateries, cafés, and coffee shops, Somerset Mall offers an impressive array that caters to everyday needs and indulgent cravings.


Step into the revamped Tallahassee Spur, perfect for family gatherings. With an enticing menu, top-notch service, and an inviting ambience, Tallahassee Spur promises cherished moments with your loved ones.

You can also indulge your palate at Rocomamas, the trendsetting burger eatery at Entrance 4, or enjoy some Wimpy classics after stocking up on stationery for creative ventures at the newly expanded PNA store. Now conveniently located near Entrance 1, PNA is equipped to cater to all your artistic needs.

Checkers FreshX opens in November 2023. With a reputation for top-tier, locally sourced products, FreshX promises to revolutionize grocery shopping at Somerset Mall.


Somerset Mall is set to become an environment that transcends transactions, stimulates curiosity, engages your senses, and entertains through a captivating programme and innovative exhibitions.

Step into a realm where shopping is an artful experience. Prepare to be enthralled by internationally acclaimed artist Marco Olivier’s masterpieces, transforming the mall into an enchanting art haven. As you browse through your favourite stores, let art and commerce seamlessly blend, surrounding you with culture and sophistication.

Somerset Mall is at Centenary Drive, the intersection of N2 & R44, Somerset West. It is open Monday to Saturday and public holidays from 9am to 7pm, and on Sunday from 9am to 5pm.


Somerset Mall’s annual charity book fair will take place from 24-27 August 2023 at the H&M to Wimpy walkway. The event, which provides a platform for local charities to raise funds by selling secondhand books, is bound to reveal a literary treasure or two.

The participating charities are Animal Rescue Organisation; BADISA Strand; Child Welfare South Africa: Helderberg; Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG); Grabouw Animal Welfare Society; Help The Rural Child Charity; Karoo Animal Protection Society (KAPS); Op Die Plaas; PATCH – Somerset West; SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind; Somerset West Night Shelter; The Ark City of Refuge; TUFCAT and Woodside Special Care Centre.

They are all worthy causes that benefit directly from the money collected through every book you buy. It goes a long way to making a difference in the community.

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