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15 September 2023

Redefining luxury

House & Home’s
The Westview three-piece lounge suite in leather uppers


Elevate your living space to new heights with House & Home’s expertly crafted, high-quality range of leather furniture

Looking for a genuine leather lounge suite or a unique statement piece? Look no further than House & Home – their wide range of beautiful and expertly crafted leather furniture are made from premium hide, making them stylish and comfortable additions to your home. Moreover, their leather range is especially suited to spacious homes in luxury estates, for people who enjoy the typical South African lifestyle – a seamless indoor/outdoor flow where socialising with family and friends is a priority.

These high-end estates may be situated all across the country, from the dry bushveld to the balmy South African coastlines, but the House & Home range is specially developed to suit any environment.

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The full leather Chesterfield 2.5 division couch in oxblood


Not only do you have a wide choice of design options, from contemporary and unique to classic, you can also choose from a selection of leather treatments, textures and colours. This means you can choose the perfect option for your specific style and environment, making your suite authentically yours.

The stylish and super comfortable three-piece Westview suite, upholstered in full hide with top grain leather uppers, is an example of superior craftmanship, durability and exceptional value. This timeless suite has ultra-soft seating and its 70cm large movement action allows you to lie back and stretch out to relax fully. Talking about relaxing, the impressive Jagger recliner with its black leather upper and leather-like fabric is also available in striking red and the perfect option for your home entertainment space.

Its manual reclining mechanism opens with a pull handle inside the arm rest, which means you can recline to any comfortable position depending on the weight behind your push action. There’s another bonus: it has a cup-holder in the arm rest!

Looking for a single showpiece in your home? You can’t go wrong with the timeless three-seater favourite; the Chesterfield couch. Upholstered in genuine top-grade oxblood leather, it is a beautifully crafted piece that is finished with the finest attention to detail. These are just a few options of House & Home’s available leather range, but let’s get to know our leather coverings better so you know what to choose to suit your style and environment best.


Apart from the excellent craftsmanship and stylish design options, there are more reasons leather is an excellent choice for your home. Its breathability and adaptability to your specific temperature, for instance, makes it an extremely comfortable choice. However, it is important to know the different kinds of leather options so you make the right decision before you buy. House & Home’s leather range is available in three main types: corrected grain, semi aniline and full aniline.

  • Corrected grain has an applied surface finish of pigments and sealer coats making it more resistible to marks and spillages. It has a regular texture and a colder, firmer feel due to the correction process that disguises the irregularities within the hide. Characteristics: consistent colour, improved light fastness, good defect coverage and it is an easy option to maintain.
  • Semi-aniline is stylish and has a natural feel. It provides a uniform look due to a mixture of dye and pigment, but all the natural marking and scars on the hide are still visible. These are not defects, it gives the leather its character and authenticity and differentiates it from corrected grain. Characteristics: it has a natural grain surface, improved light fastness, is practical and breathable.
  • Full aniline with its silky touch is a favourite with leather connoisseurs. The finish consists of pure dye sprayed with a dye mixture and other substances that don’t disguise any markings or scars on the hide. These natural variations give leather furniture its character and authenticity. Characteristics: looks and feels good to the touch, it has natural grains and markings, and is very comfortable and breathable.

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The Jagger home theatre recliner is also available in red


During the aging process, leather furniture moulds to the owner’s body shape. The colours also mellow over time depending on how it is used in the home and the environment. It all makes every piece of furniture uniquely your own. Leather also tends to absorb body oils and perspiration making the leather darker on the areas of contact with the body.

Aniline is sensitive to light and it is best to keep it away from windows and areas of direct sunlight. Another economical option to ensure you get that authentic leather look is lounge suites and furniture pieces with genuine leather uppers. These suites incorporate a combination of PU or PVC inconjunction with genuine leather, making it much more cost effective but with most of the benefits of a full leather suite. Any of House & Home’s furniture ranges can be manufactured in the leather upper option.


It takes atleast three hides to manufacture a couch. No two hides are identical so there may be substantial variation, shape and texture present, even within the same hide. This makes leather softer and gives it a natural feel. It also makes each couch unique.

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Come and experience this stunning range for yourselves. We can’t wait to welcome you to our stores.

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