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Progressive culture of diversity and inclusion drives Broll to be the best

Women are able to bring practical functional elements to the real-estate property services market, says Angel Msweli, ESD Administrator, New Business Division, Broll Property Group, in Johannesburg. “As women, we bring balance into this sector. We are able to have a holistic view and factor in even little things that are normally overlooked, for example the need to install a mirror in a lift,” says Angel.

Angel Msweli

“I have experienced Broll’s culture of diversity and inclusion in that there are a number of women and black men appointed in senior positions. I am happy to be part of the Broll family because it offers broad career opportunities. I am still contributing and learning about the ins-and-outs of the real estate property services industry.”

Angel’s role is onboarding and integrating BEE service providers into Broll’s Enterprise Supplier Development programme. “We introduce service providers to our brand, culture and ethics, as well as assist them navigate doing business with the private sector. As Broll, we make it our responsibility to assist small businesses to professionalise. By empowering these small businesses, we empower the community, as they in turn employ locals,” says Angel.

One of the many things Broll prides itself on is delivering many of its core services through small businesses. “I see to it that this strategy is translated in a practical way. That is, Broll does not pay lip service, but empowers small businesses by offering work, creating jobs and, in the process, supporting the livelihood of families in the communities in which Broll operates.”

Angel’s message on the occasion of Women’s Day on 9 August is: “We need to be bold and believe in ourselves. As women, we need to know our worth and not wait to receive affirmation all the time. We hold our future and progress in our hands; it is up to us to stretch out and grab it.” Her advice to women contemplating a similar career path is to be prepared to learn new things on an ongoing basis. “Determination and hunger for career growth will guide you all the way.”

Broll has embraced diversity and inclusion in a world where many are struggling to achieve and attain this, says Sheila Muasya, Head of Cushman & Wakefield | BROLL Kenya. For example, the company has empowered women by ensuring there are a number in its executive leadership. This means that an environment has been created where everyone is respected and has their voices heard.

Sheila Muasya

“The workforce within Broll is extremely diverse, encompassing individuals from all genders, with different world views, from different ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, among others. The fact that we are the largest real-estate company in Africa, together with this high level of inclusion, makes us a force to be reckoned with as a company,” says Sheila.

Sheila’s role is to drive all the objectives and action plans related to the Occupier Services and Asset Sales divisions in the region, and expand it to new markets like Ethiopia and Tanzania. “My role requires that I look at increasing the revenues and the overall margins of the divisions. We work together by cooperating with all stakeholders, both clients and colleagues, to make a difference in whichever service we are offering. We are confident to take actions that will ensure that the work is done while involving the right people, while taking responsibility for our actions.”

“Time is often a constraint, especially for a family woman juggling a career, family and ongoing training and education,” says Sheila. Her message on Women’s Day is: “Make time and invest in yourself in order to become a better person. When this happens, your output in everything else in life is a lot better. Love yourself; have confidence in your abilities; have the courage to share ideas and speak up if required. The industry, being as diverse as it is, means that change is a constant, and one needs to keep on learning to stay updated. Real estate is a rewarding, fulfilling career path if you love what you do.”

There are a lot of women who have paved the way, excelling in different fields in the sector. “The positive impact they have made can only be enhanced by having more women join the ranks, so I challenge all to aspire to greatness and to have the courage to realise their dreams and goals through focus and excellence,” says Siphumelele Khuzwayo, Portfolio Manager, Property Management in KZN.

Siphumelele Khuzwayo

Having gone through Diversity Training at the company, Siphumelele says she can appreciate how much its employees are keen to learn about each other. “Through open dialogue, we have made amazing strides in learning and growing with each other in this regard.” Siphumelele is a Portfolio Manager overseeing the Fairvest Portfolio in Gauteng and KZN. This entails property and asset management of 23 properties, and talent management of the team ensuring superior service delivery in line with Broll’s contractual obligations.

“The biggest challenge is the fact that the industry remains largely male-dominated, with a few women in key senior leadership positions. In order for this to change, we have to continue to build valuable connections that can help us develop and enhance women’s careers and contributions to the industry as a whole. If gender mainstreaming is to become a reality, we have to continuously make room for more women to come up through the ranks through advocacy, merit-based empowerment and partnerships with industry stakeholders,” says Siphumelele.

“The opportunities are endless. Women have to awaken their confidence in themselves, stop overthinking and replaying failed scenarios which feed self-doubt, and understand that there is no role they cannot excel in. I am a strong believer in paying it forward, and have always done my bit to honour that. As women, we need to ensure that we do not isolate other women, but make every effort to encourage, support, empower and celebrate one another. When we invest in each other, not even the sky is the limit,” says Siphumelele.

“I wish every woman a happy Women’s Day, and encourage all of us to do the best we can every day, no matter the challenges or circumstances. We belong at every table where decisions about the future of our industry are being made, and so it is important to make meaningful contributions and use our voice to advocate for the change we want to see,” she concludes.

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