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09 July 2023

Small price, big value

Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate

Central Developments has just launched the final phase at Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate in Alberton with beautiful, well-priced family homes. Here load-shedding worries are no more, it’s safe for children to play outside and you can be sure the only thing that goes through the roof is the value of your house


Central Developments has just launched the final phase at Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate in Alberton with beautiful, well-priced family homes. Here load-shedding worries are no more, it’s safe for children to play outside and you can be sure the only thing that goes through the roof is the value of your house

You will search Johannesburg high and low looking for a home in a secure lifestyle estate offering three bedrooms, two bathrooms, fibre internet and top-of-the-range fixtures and fittings for R1.26m. But, why not save yourself the trouble? Just buy a beautiful home at Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate in Alberton where they’ve just launched their final phase of 527 new houses.


It’s all ready for the picking – whether you are a young buyer or clever investor. Since the first Leopard’s Rest houses were sold in 2015 the houses there have experienced unprecedented capital growth of 9.4% per year. A 70m² house that sold for R686,000 in 2015 is now selling for R1.409,500. 

What is load-shedding?

If you are an average South African with a mid-income salary you can now afford to buy a modern, secure family home at Leopard’s Rest. And to top it all, here load-shedding is no more – houses are equipped with electrical battery backup systems, gas stoves and solar geysers. 

Peace of mind is also a priority – this gated lifestyle estate enjoys 24-hour security with a perimeter wall topped with an electrical fence and patrolling guards, which makes for a carefree lifestyle with convenient amenities, such as children’s play areas and an affordable private school that opened in 2016, inside the greater Leopard’s Rest estate.

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Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate

At the heart of it

Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate is developed by Central Developments, which is known for putting its heart into building dream homes for the average South African. 

They launched the first phase of the estate back in 2015 and sold the last of the estate’s original 1,960 houses in 2021. This final phase of 527 houses will increase the total number of the greater Leopard’s Rest to 2,487.

 “We may be seen as one of the largest residential property development companies in SA,” says director Kgothatso Meka. “But we actually stopped being property developers about five or six years ago and changed our strategy to really developing holistic communities. And at the heart of that is people.”

Investment sense

Besides consistent capital growth of 9.4% per year since 2015, more good news for investors is that this expansion of the estate will see even further development and improvement of the surrounding area, which will have a positive effect on the existing Leopard’s Rest houses’ value as well. The current homeowners in the previous phases’ investment will increase by at least 10% due to the new phase.

Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate

Home and dry

Installation of the new phase’s civil and electrical services started last year and is well underway. Construction of the first homes started in May and the first 60 houses will be built by November.

Four beautiful new show houses (from 59m², 70m², 103m² to 125m²) recently opened their doors to welcome visitors for a walkabout and to enjoy the stylish new home designs. The homes are available in either three bedrooms and two bathrooms or four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

Show house viewing times are daily from 9am to 6pm daily.


Visit Route 82 Apartments


Looking for a beautiful family home and lifestyle in the south of Johannesburg that won’t break the bank? Where 24-hour security and the convenience of urban amenities are available all in one estate?

Quality you can afford

Buying a Route 82 apartment is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an everyday South African family to secure a brighter future for themselves and their children. Security is top-of-mind for all South Africans, but not everyone can afford to live in a security estate and sleep soundly at night knowing that their loved ones and property are safe and secure. 

Well, at Route 82 they can! For as little as R770,000 (equalling a monthly bond repayment of about R7,800), they can own a quality apartment consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom and a carport. Residents here also get to enjoy this secure and peaceful lifestyle in a home that is equipped with modern fixtures and fittings, including prepaid utilities and fibre internet connectivity.

Should you be an investor, you will be pleased to know that the rental pool in the price range between R6,500 to R7,000 per month is much greater. These apartments are also in high demand because they are so affordable and offer 24-hour security and various other convenient amenities on site, so keeping your Route 82 investment property fully tenanted will be a breeze.

Family friendly and convenient

At Route 82, life is carefree for children as much as for their parents. Here kids are free to play outside in the many play areas or on the soccer field where they can kick a ball around with dad ñ a perfect way to burn off some excess energy!

For the young professionals the convenient amenities on site – like a grocery store where they can quickly stock up on daily essentials, or have their car cleaned at the car wash while having their weekly laundry done at the laundromat – make their busy lives so much easier. For any other shopping or entertainment needs, Route 82 is also just a quick 10-minute drive from both Southgate Mall and the Mall of the South.

Other Cosmopolitan Projects developments also launching now

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Near Fourways | Johannesburg
Houses selling from R1.62m
3 bed, 2 bath and 4 bed, 2.5 bath

Houses equipped with gas stoves, electricity backup systems and solar geysers

A new private school is opening at the beginning of 2025, a shopping centre is also opening in 2025 and there are playparks and jogging and hiking trails around a 17ha eco-park

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Masai Lofts Apartments

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Apartments selling from R995,000
2 bed, 1 bath, 3 bed, 2 bath

High-end finishes, fibre internet connectivity, 24-hour security, a playpark and pre-paid utilities

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Milano Security Estate

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Houses selling from R1m
3 bed, 2 bath and 4 bed, 2.5 bath

Houses equipped with gas stoves and solar geysers
24-hour security estate with fibre internet, lifestyle amenities, mall and private school

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2 bed, 1 bath and 1 carport

24-hour security estate opposite Sky City Mall with fibre internet, play area, mini soccer field and pre-paid utilities


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Leopard’s Rest Lifestyle Estate

Route 82 Apartments

Central Developments


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