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Hottest home decor trends for 2023

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Home decor trends have always evolved in line with the needs of human beings according to their culture and environment it also further shaped by major events and key issues of the time, such as the pandemic and the growing environmental concerns.

This is according to Claude McKirby, Co-Principal for Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs and False Bay, who says that the global events of the past few years have been especially influential in how we view our homes and how we live in them.

“The extended confinement we all experienced during lockdown significantly altered our perceptions of our homes and how we live in them and these shifts are clearly evidenced by many of the design trends we are now seeing,

“And, with remote and flexi-time working now the ‘new normal’ for many people, our homes have become our cocoons and the interior design, look and feel are therefore now more of priority than ever before.”

McKirby says that a key focus for home decor trends next year is all about comfort, authentic expression and creating an inspiring canvas for daily life.

  • More Vintage Than Ever

With scarcity in supply chains and growing environmental awareness, scouring antique and second-hand stores for unique finds is becoming an increasingly common pastime. It’s not only a ‘greener’ and more sustainable option, many older objects boast details and characteristics that are expensive to recreate nowadays. It also ensures individuality and that no-one’s home can be a replica of yours.

  • White Wood Floors

Lightness and brightness are key elements and bright white floors are a cost-effective way to make smaller or dark rooms seem brighter and also to extend the life of old wooden flooring that’s seen better days. Be careful, however, to use a high resistance floor paint for durability.

  • Local Handmade

Handcrafted objects are authentic, made from the heart and boost the local economy. Whether it be merely decorative like a painting or useful objects like bowls and vases, it will add unique character to your home decor whilst supporting a local community.

  • Mouldings are Back

But not in the conventional way – they are arranged on the walls to create geometric shapes and graphic lines for a dynamic effect or they can be laid in more ordered lines for an elegant and sophisticated result.

  • Bold Wallpaper

A feature wall with bold colours and wallpaper with large patterns will brighten and embolden any room. Flowers, vegetation, birds and forest animals are especially popular and available in dark tones, soft shades and vibrant colours.

  • Japandi style

If you love the minimalist look then this one is for you. A cross between the Japanese and Scandinavian styles, the Japandi combines the minimalist functional side of the one and the elegance of the other to offer a fusion style softness, neutrality, simplicity and authenticity. Think patinated raw wood elements with imperfect finishes, artisanal ceramics and accessories made from soft and natural materials.

  • The Grandmillennial

Favoured by Millennials, this eccentric trend reflects their nostalgia for opulent homes of the past and is considered a reaction to the more streamlined styles generally favoured by their parents. Four-poster beds, highly pattered fabrics and wallpapers, flourishes, candlesticks and baroque mirrors are favourite features.

  • Weirdcore

Mushroom and forest fantasy home decor is big for Gen Z in 2023, according to Pinterest reports. Dubbed “Weirdcore,” it brings a fun energy into a room with quirky pieces and elements like mushroom lamps, flower-shaped pillows, moss-green rugs, funky wallpaper and cloud decor to turn your bedroom into a happy meadow-scape.

Trend forecasters are predicting that the next decade in decoration will be daring, giving way to the imagination and personalising interiors so that they are an authentic reflection of ourselves and meet our unique lifestyle needs,” concludes McKirby.

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