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Home sweet home

Get expert advice on sprucing up your space from the comfort of your couch – read a bit further to find out how it’s done.

Although people are currently homebound, life does go on, and businesses are finding innovative ways of offering much-needed services within the constraints of lockdown. Interior designer Kelly Adami from Copperleaf Studio offers bespoke interior design solutions for a variety of spaces, from residential homes to game lodges and commercial spaces. Current circumstances have spurred her on to offer interior design consulting remotely – a great way for clients to get advice without having to leave the house. We chatted to her about it.

How does it work?

The initial consultation can happen via apps such as Skype and Zoom – these days we have access to such great technological tools with good quality video, which makes it possible to do house tours with a client remotely. The homeowner can take me through the house – room by room – and discuss their concerns and requirements with me as we ‘walk’ through the house. It’s almost as good as being there in person. Then for the next steps I’d prepare a mood board – based on their likes and needs – then a floorplan, renders (depending on the project size) and finally a cost estimate. All these steps before sourcing and executing can be dome remotely!

What benefits are there to this?

It saves time and is quick and easy, and is accessible to anyone with a wifi connection.

Is this a good option for someone with a limited budget?

Yes absolutely. There are levels to the service – for example, if someone didn’t want a full interior plan, they could enlist me to help with styling suggestions via FaceTime to maximize what they already had, which does away with the need to spend a lot of money on new pieces.

What can clients expect from this service?

The same level of personalization and attention to detail as always, and a quick turnaround time – one benefit of being confined to home for now is less time spent on travel and more to devote to design.


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