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HAUS by Hertex offers winter inspiration

With more time being spent indoors than ever before, it’s important that our homes are cosy, comfortable and beautiful.

And while we aren’t able to shop at the moment, HAUS by Hertex’s winter range is something to look forward to and offers inspiration for the coming colder months, giving you time to plan for when you can invest in some of its beautiful pieces and create a calming sanctuary in your space.

HAUS is launching pieces that allow you to create a haven where you can rest, recharge and reconnect. Indulge in the artful details of your surroundings – from a plant in a sunny spot, to a cosy fur at the foot of your bed, or locally crafted bowls adding flavour to old favourites.

HAUS has turned winter into an art, celebrating the notion of drawing inwards and indulging in the finer details of our surroundings. The new winter range is curated to deliver comfort and inspiration via colour, texture and pattern. Warm tones like rust and copper, and rich mustard yellow and forest green are complemented by deep blues that mimics the winter sky and connect us to the nurturing idea of earth.

Curate your own winter wonderland by layering the cosy textures of natural rugs, velvet quilts, luxurious Panther fur throws and opulent Lizzo or understated Remo scatters. Finally add details, like the Metropolitan Art, Oriental glassware and Yalta planters to transform an ordinary room into a space of inspiration.


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