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13 October 2023

Heavenly sleep

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Doze off in luxury on one of House & Home’s expertly crafted, high-quality range of 152cm base sets selling for R5,999 as part of their Spring Promo


Doze off in luxury on one of House & Home’s expertly crafted, high-quality range of 152cm base sets selling for R5,999 as part of their Spring Promo

Comfort is just one benefit of a good quality mattress and, with the right bed, you’re likely to see a wealth of gains for your overall health. With sleep being such a vital element to maintain general wellbeing, it’s not an understatement to say that choosing the right mattress is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

But while a comfortable mattress is essential for getting a great night’s sleep, pairing it with a quality bed base ensures that you will get the most out of this crucial household item. So, during the buying process it is important to weigh up not only the aesthetics and practicality of a bed base, but also the therapeutic aspects, as the benefits to your spine will be long-lasting and this is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Also note that a good base makes the world of difference to your mattress in terms of durability.

Wide selection

Making the right choice when purchasing your product isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s best left to the experts. That’s why House & Home’s range of base sets is carefully curated and fine-tuned to maximise everything you need for peaceful slumber. Choose from a wide selection of 152cm base sets selling for R5,999 as part of House & Home’s Spring Promo. 

The House & Home selection is expertly crafted to suit any home. Match your base set with bedding as you choose from top of the range sets which include Edblo, Restonic, Lunar, Sealy and Maxipedic. There are plenty of options to suit all your needs.

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Base set specials

Highlight base sets on promotion include the LUNAR NERIA 152CM PILLOW TOP BASE SET – now selling at a special price for R5,999.00 (usual price R6,999.00). It features durable and luxurious knit fabric treated with argentum plus (ag+), and contains silver ions that absorb moisture, leaving you cool and dry. It has undergone antibacterial treatment to maintain a healthier and cleaner bed, and its super-soft support layers are integrated into the quilt design.

Then there’s the virgin high density resilient foam, which supports pressure point relief. Plus, it’s reinforced with a double tempered Bonnell spring system with edge support which promotes back support and spinal alignment. The Lunar Neria is also single sided, and engineered for easy rotation. It has a 120kg weight limit. 

The EDBLO NYATI 152CM BASE SET is also on promotion for R5,999.00 (usual price R7,999.00). The Edblo Nyati offers a firm comfort support top, and is also manufactured with the dual Bonnell spring system, ultracare fabric, dual edge support and air vents.  

Great features of the EDBLO NAMBITI 152CM PILLOW TOP BASE SET include a medium comfort pillow top, the Bonnell spring system, ultracare fabric, edge support and air vents. It’s selling at a special price for R5,999.00 (usual price R6,999.00) .

Then there’s the EDBLO ESPRESSO 152CM BASE SET to consider for the price of R5,999.00 (usual price R7,499.00). Once again setting the scene for a night of full comfort is the dual Bonnell spring system, edge support, quality foam layers and ultracare fabric.

  • For all the above base sets, get peace of mind with a one-year guarantee and a 10-year service warranty.
  • Delivery to your home takes between five to seven working days, or pick up your purchase from your nearest House & Home store within five to seven working days.
  • There’s no place like House & Home for unbeatable value. 
  • Refer to their catalogue to view spring offers. 
  • Prices are valid until October 15. While stocks last.

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Base set buyer’s guide  

There are several factors to note when choosing a bed to suit your needs. Many buyers often focus on the aesthetics and practicality of bed bases, forgetting that therapeutic benefits should too be top of mind — as the impact on your spine will be long-lasting. 

For one, or two?  

Choose a mattress with minimal motion transfer if more than one person will use the bed. Nighttime movement can be very disruptive to your partner’s sleep.

A match made in heaven

A  supportive bed base is the foundation on which the mattress sits, and correctly pairing the two isn’t always that easy. Purchasing a base set eliminates any room for error.

Mattress thickness  

A bed’s height is affected by mattress thickness. If you favour a bed with a lower profile, choose a bed set that features a thinner mattress. Don’t confuse thickness with quality and support. 

What room of the house?

Plan ahead. Consider an extra-length set to cater for guests of various heights if the bed will be in the guest room. Resize your options if it’s for the children’s room.   

Do the maths

Evaluate whether you need a normal length or an extra-length bed. Figure out the width requirements that allows two people to sleep comfortably. Remember to factor in pillow space and also having feet covered.

Bed base types

There are a few different bed base types. These include wooden slat bases, ensemble beds, platform beds and futons. Decide what’s right for your specific needs.

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