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29 September 2023

Crafting your retirement


Retirement options are often expensive with long waiting lists, but what if there is another way to enjoy your advanced years right now?


Retirement options are often expensive with long waiting lists, but what if there is another way to enjoy your advanced years right now?

Anew development, The Anura Residence, in the Boland region of the Western Cape, offers something new for those looking at retiring to SA’s foremost wine-producing hub, offering breathtaking mountain landscapes and expansive vineyards. 

While the vineyards steal the spotlight, the Boland also presents various outdoor activities for nature lovers and adventure seekers. From hiking in the mountains to exploring the lush valleys and enjoying scenic drives, the region offers a diverse playground for those who appreciate the great outdoors. 

The Anura Residence by Fiorini’s Group and AF Holdings, in collaboration with renowned architect Abrie Jordaan of Jordaan Architects, comprises 348 assisted living units thoughtfully designed with luxury, convenience and sustainability in mind. 

Centrally located at 225 Main Road, Paarl, it is the only development in the area to offer a specific market segment the option of buying a sectional title on full ownership for themselves or as an investment for tenants over 50.



According to Anton Louw, spokesperson for AF Holdings, research showed that people in Paarl older than 68, which is the entry age at other existing retirement facilities, had no alternative but to undergo strenuous screening processes before being added to a three-year waiting list after paying an exorbitant nonrefundable deposit. Rentals are about R9,000 to R22,000 per unit, and by the time applicants reach the top of those waiting lists, these amounts could have escalated by at least 30%.

“The Anura Residence is an affordable alternative within less than a 200metre radius from existing establishments,” he says. Priced from R875,000 for well-appointed studios to R2.7m for expansive two-bedroom suites, every layout accommodates varying preferences and lifestyles.  

“Property at The Anura Residence is sold on full ownership with growth and profit on resales to the benefit of each homeowner. This is one of the main reasons we felt that a product like this was needed for the Boland property market – something unique that also offers unparalleled value for money – and our buyers couldn’t agree more,” says Delicia van Wyk, franchisee and principal of RealNet Paarl and surrounds, who has successfully launched the development to the public and manages sales on behalf of the developers.


Architect Abrie Jordaan describes the design of The Anura Residence as one that marries modern aesthetics with functionality. High-quality materials ensure durability, while energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems promote responsible energy consumption. Safety and security are paramount at The Anura Residence, and a comprehensive security system, including CCTV surveillance and access control, ensures residents’ peace of mind. 

“The commitment to sustainability is evident through the utilisation of alternative back-up power for electrical supply, energy-efficient appliances and green building practices. We are proud to have been able to design a product like The Anura Residence and feel it is a manifestation of architectural innovation, community-centric design and a dedication to enhancing the lives of retirees – a space that provides comfort, convenience and camaraderie for those embarking on the next chapter of their lives in Paarl,” says Jordaan.


According to a recent survey among people over 60, about 38% still work full time while 33% are retired with a secondary income source. About 21% of the respondents are fully retired and 7% work part-time.

In an episode of Rainmaker Marketing’s Key To Property podcast on East Coast Radio, industry experts Brad Winstanley, DEVMCO portfolio manager, and Jeremy Bentham, Capri Village project manager, shared their insights.

Capri Village is a coastal estate for active seniors over 50, considered an intelligent investment opportunity in a fantastic location with plenty of convenient amenities and activities for those who thrive on social interaction and recreation. 

If you prefer to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings, there’s plenty to explore and experience in the environment.


  1. Prioritise convenience: Choose a retirement location near shopping, medical facilities and loved ones for easy access to essential amenities.
  2. Go for low-maintenance homes: Properties without steps for a comfortable, hassle-free living environment, reducing physical strain.
  3. Ensure safety and security: Look for retirement communities with gated entrances, surveillance systems and emergency response services to provide peace of mind.
  4. Prioritise healthcare access: Explore retirement options that offer home-based care or on-site medical facilities for prompt and comprehensive healthcare support.
  5. Embrace an active lifestyle: Seek communities with fitness centres, wellness programmes, outdoor activities and social events to stay active and connected in retirement.
  6. Consider pet-friendly communities: If you have pets, choose estates that welcome them, enabling companionship and purpose during retirement.
  7. Manage finances wisely: Seek professional financial advice to secure your retirement savings and investments, ensuring a stable financial future.
  8. Pursue lifelong learning and hobbies: Look for communities offering educational programmes, workshops and recreational activities tailored to your interests.
  9. Foster connections: Opt for retirement communities that promote social interaction and a sense of community, creating lifelong friendships.
  10. Plan thoughtfully: Reflect on your retirement goals, lifestyle preferences, financial objectives and desired activities to create a detailed retirement plan before you make decisions.
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