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Centurion’s Westend Office Park raises the bar

Centurion Westend Office Park

Centurion’s Westend Office Park development is the result of a collaboration between Centurion Investments, Moolman Group and Abcon Group.

Centurion, known for its bustling business scene, is about to witness a significant transformation with Building E at Westend Office Park. This new A-Grade office building promises to be a game-changer, strategically positioned on the outskirts of Centurion CBD and offering a host of benefits to the area.


One of the key highlights of Building E is its location within walking distance from the Centurion Gautrain Station. This accessibility is crucial for businesses looking to attract talent from across the region and beyond. Additionally, its direct exposure to the N14 freeway and the passing Gautrain ensures unparalleled visibility, making it a prime spot for businesses aiming to make a statement.

Elevated standards

Westend Office Park has already earned its reputation as a financial hub, hosting prestigious companies such as Sanlam, PSG and Old Mutual. Building E’s arrival signifies a step towards even higher standards in office spaces, with its impressive size of 5 000m2 Gross Lettable Area (GLA) and flexible design catering to modern business needs.

Community impact

Beyond its commercial significance, Building E brings substantial benefits to the community. The construction phase alone is expected to create approximately 400 jobs, providing a boost to the local economy. Moreover, with an estimated 56% of the office’s workers using public transport, the development aligns with sustainable commuting trends, reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact.

In addition, Ignite Urban Management manages the precinct to improve safety and security and ensure optimum use of common spaces. At Westend our precinct cleaning and maintenance crew manages waste removal, grass and tree cutting, clearing of storm water inlets and the maintenance of public benefit infrastructure (with municipal approval) as well as working with SAPS and TMPD in discouraging crime.

Amenities and sustainability

Building E doesn’t just focus on functionality; it prioritises comfort and sustainability. From spacious reception areas to rooftop entertainment zones and ample parking, every aspect is designed with user convenience in mind. The inclusion of backup power and water systems ensures uninterrupted operations, a critical feature in today’s dynamic business environment.

Centurion Westend Office Park Building E

Looking Ahead

Building E’s completion on October 1, 2024, marks a significant milestone in Centurion’s business landscape. It sets the stage for further growth and innovation, attracting new businesses and talent while contributing to the overall vibrancy of the area.

Progressive partnerships  

The collaboration between Centurion Investments, Moolman Group, Abcon Group and other stakeholders underscores a collective commitment to the region’s development. Initiatives like the private sector-led public space regeneration partnership demonstrate a holistic approach to urban planning, focusing on safety, accessibility, and community well-being.

Westend Office Park represents more than just a new structure; it symbolises progress, opportunity and a shared vision for a thriving Centurion. As construction progresses and anticipation builds, Centurion’s business landscape is poised for a transformative shift, setting new standards of excellence in office spaces and community engagement.

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