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Build Your Legacy

Set along the Crocodile River, Simbini Lifestyle Estate and Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate are two luxury developments with the opportunity for you to build your legacy.


Buying a property, or a fractional share, in a luxury bush estate is more than just making an investment – it’s about building a legacy for generations to come. 

Simbini Lifestyle Estate

Nestled on the banks of the Crocodile River, Simbini Lifestyle Estate is a haven for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The estate seamlessly merges luxurious living with serenity of nature, offering an unparalleled escape, amidst tranquil surroundings.

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Guardian of a legacy

Bluegrass Property Developers are committed to environmental stewardship, and have designed the estate to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment together with specialists in their field. With all services completed and installed, Simbini Lifestyle offers investors the opportunity to start immediately. 

Simbini offers 20 full title stands, allowing you to design and build your dream home, or holiday sanctuary. Each luxury property enjoys uninterrupted views of the Crocodile River and overlooks the iconic Kruger National Park beyond.

Simbini Lifestyle Estate’s unique location on the southern border of the Kruger National Park gives it a high tourism potential. In fact, 96% of all international tourists visit the Kruger National Park. This means that Simbini Lifestyle Estate offers excellent financial returns to the discerning investor.

Discover an exclusive sanctuary of tranquility nestled along the illustrious Kruger National park – a haven offering not just respite from the chaos of city living, but an alluring investment opportunity that embodies a unique lifestyle. 

Simbini Lifestyle Estate boasts an operational 17-hectare macadamia farm, a defining aspect that fortifies investments by introducing agro-economic resilience. This harmonious blend not only assures a stable income stream but also champions ecological equilibrium within the state’s sprawling 28-hectare landscape. 

At Simbini, the distinctive proposition lies in its residential node seamlessly integrated with an agricultural enclave, prominently featuring a thriving macadamia orchard. Cultivating eight varieties of these nutrient-rich nuts, the orchard is meticulously tended by the Homeowners Association. 

With South Africa leading global macadamia production, the market demand continues to surge. Situated in Mpumalanga, one of the most prolific regions, Simbini embodies this lucrative agricultural landscape. 

Investing in Simbini transcends mere property ownership; it grants a stake in the thriving macadamia business. Your investment is not just a home – it’s an active involvement in sustainable farming practices ensuring a prosperous and fulfilling legacy.

Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate

Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate is established on the incredible legacy of the friendly giant, Shawu.

The estate is named after the surrounding hills that Shawu once roamed. A member of the Magnificent Seven, he was most recognisable for his unique tusks – distinctly skew, and noted as the 6th largest in the Kruger.

From his legacy, a new one forms with Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate – yours. With opportunities to own, part-own, or simply timeshare, you can curate the perfect lifestyle, or holiday, for you and your family. With views of the Crocodile River, and Big 5 sightings, the spectacular setting of the estate promises nothing short of a life-changing experience. Shawu’s Hills will launch the sale of the various ownership opportunities in February 2024. The gate house of the estate is currently under construction and services will be installed from early 2024.

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Own your piece of paradise

Shawu’s Hills in partnership with Dream Hotels & Resorts are meeting the demands of investors looking to expand their portfolios with a luxury timeshare opportunity. Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate has been built to provide its guests with the utmost in luxury and tranquility, while also providing them with the opportunity to experience some of the most awe-inspiring views in nature’s playground.

Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate embodies thoughtful design. Its contemporary architectural style harmonizes flawlessly with the bushveld backdrop, integrating textures and shapes that complement the environment. 

Enjoy access to the exquisitely landscaped recreational area offering restaurants, amphi-theatre, a farmers’ market, an art gallery, gym and spa.

Shawu’s fractional ownership opportunities are perfect for the discerning investor looking for unique opportunities to diversify their portfolio, and those who want to secure future annual holidays in an exclusive estate in the African bush. 

Additionally, this diverse property portfolio investment has the significant benefit of the legacy it builds for one’s family.

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A sustainable paradise

Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate places an emphasis on preserving the natural environment. The developers of both estates are Bluegrass Trading. Made up of a team of specialists, their mission is to ensure that they provide sustainable and successful projects. 

They pride themselves in being transparent and always ensuring impeccable attention to detail. Part of their great portfolio of developments is Marula Sunrise, a 5-star lodge situated in Mjejane Game Reserve in Hectorspruit. 

Investors have the privilege of being a steward of this remarkable piece of paradise to be enjoyed by future generations.


For more information, contact Lindi on or call 074 444 0178. Follow these accounts on Instagram @Shawushillsestate or Facebook @Shawus Hills Wildlife Estate

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