After Covid-19: your key to the market

Almost in the blink of an eye our world has changed forever, including how we buy and sell homes. Dr Andrew Golding of the Pam Golding Property group highlights how to unlock the post-pandemic residential property market


The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the entire planet, from a humanitarian perspective but also in terms of the way we go about doing business, whether as consumers or corporate or commercial entities,” says Pam Golding Property group chief executive Dr Andrew Golding. “From the decision to sell a home to the final transfer to the new owner, a property transaction is multidimensional. It involves many steps that require specialised expertise in a number of disciplines including area knowledge, accurate valuations, pricing strategy, marketing, finance, legal and conveyancing. “What the lockdown has quickly demonstrated is that, as a key priority, we needed to re-engineer the real estate transaction process rapidly to be capable of transacting online from A to Z without in any way precluding the invaluable expertise and negotiation skills of our agents, who are all currently operating remotely on a decentralised basis.

“In this regard we are in the advantageous position of already having access to technological capability and knowledge gained through our association and learning experience via Eazi Real Estate, which we acquired 18 months ago. It already offers a user-friendly, seamless and secure automated online platform, primarily servicing the subR2m market. “As a consequence, we are transforming and fine-tuning our paper-based processes into a custom-designed, integrated online system. This will be combined with all the personal and professional expertise provided by our agents, enabling us to offer the same level of professionalism and skill in an evolving property landscape with increased technology-driven activity.” Dr Golding says in light of the fact that the lockdown regulations will be lifted gradually, which means buyers are not yet able to visit homes for sale in person, Pam Golding Properties will soon offer both buyers and sellers all the technological advantages of an online agency coupled with the benefits and scale of a traditional agency. Of particular importance to homeowners is the fact that this functionality will allow sellers to interact with Pam Golding Properties agents from the first point of contact, verification of the property, client logon and authentication of ID and signing of an exclusive mandate through to an offer and acceptance or negotiation process and, ultimately, the processing of a virtual agreement of sale in a secure digital environment.


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