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07 July 2023

A new journey into maturity


At Circle Senior Living’s luxurious new development in Sandown your every health need is personally taken care of so you are free to thrive in all areas of your life

Circle Senior Living is breaking new ground in the retirement space. Their unique model – based on the philosophy of adapting care as a person’s health needs change – ensures retirees enjoy a life of ease and joy. 

Setting their concept of “age in place” further apart from other offerings is their focus on home tailored care – once you’ve bought an apartment, you will never have to move again. Whether that means your apartment needs to be modified or you need a different level of personal attention, every single aspect of care will be brought to you – so you can live a life of independence and dignity, for the rest of your life.

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Where your care is personal

Co-founder of Circle Senior Living Corene Breedt-Remmutla is passionate about introducing the industry to a new way of thinking about retirement and driving real change. “We have no desire to operate the current vanilla model that is out there in the market,” she says. “We are often asked what makes us different, and our core principle is that everything we do must be done through the lens of personal care; from independent living to assisted living, frail care, memory care, respite care, palliative care, rehabilitation and home-based care.”

Circle Senior Living caters to active urban seniors in the 70‑plus age range who are still physically and mentally fit. “It’s important for us to ensure residents remain as independent as possible for as long as possible,” says co-founder Michael Sieff. 

Making future memories

Circle’s beautiful new apartment complex in Sandown will make residents feel at home, right from the word go. Especially if they have been living in the greater Sandton area and are still part of community activities or want to be close to the places where special memories were made.

The contemporary apartments with their hi-tech fixtures and fittings are light and bright and have all-round gorgeous views – they exude a sense of penthouse-style living rather than being part of a retirement facility.

Initially built to be a boutique hotel, the luxury lounges and children’s play area are the perfect places to entertain all generations of your family and friends – here joyful family conversations and children’s carefree exuberance are all welcome, making more memories to treasure in the future.

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Peace of mind

Circle understands the inherent strength of family bonds and relationships and therefore include adult children in all discussions, especially if they are concerned about the wellbeing of their elderly parents. It is imperative to the Circle team  that families have peace of mind about their loved ones and trust that they are always in the most compassionate and caring hands.

Circle’s care facility is really an extension of the love and care the children have for their elderly parents. The team of care experts is dedicated to provide personalised support in a nurturing environment where the elderly’s dignity, care and wellbeing are top priority. As a trusted partner of the children and family of its elderly residents, the team is always ready to communicate and collaborate with them. 

Circle understands the weight of the decision on children when the time comes for their parents to choose a facility and they prioritise open communication and collaboration with families. They work together to create a personalised care plan that reflects all loved ones’ preferences and values.

Delight in community

Community is another important pillar of the Circle philosophy. The other holistic elements are care, choice, personalisation, safety, expertise and, above all, joy. It was therefore important to create a variety of communal spaces where people can socialise and also have a quiet time without feeling isolated. These spaces are important – research shows that social interaction promotes wellbeing and longevity in seniors.

Sandown offers a variety of social activities for men and women, as each has their different expectations and entertainment needs, and a special community calendar shares details of events. Facilities such as a yoga room, coffee shop, restaurant, pool area, party venue, retail section, spas and an on-site cinema all offer residents a wide variety of socialising options. A business hub and assistant concierge are also available.

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Designed to thrive

Throughout the building, beautiful interiors are combined with practical considerations such as lots of natural light, ample interactive spaces and sound-sensitive surfaces. 

Ergonomics were pertinent considerations too with chairs offering firm support and the correct height, fabrics soft and colours harmonious. In the apartments, sliding doors are reinforced with aluminium frames for extra stability. Cupboards and drawers are all easy to close with inside lighting. The garden has also been thoughtfully designed with plants that produce lovely year-round aromas.

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Phase 1 of 9 Adrienne Street offers 18 apartments, and Phase 2 a further 27, which will be ready for occupation by September 2024. Phase 3 and 4 will take the complete development to 100 units. A mix of sizes include single bedroom, one-and-a-half bedroom and two-bedroom units. Apartment prices range from R945,000 to R7.59m with various financing options.

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